Increasing die casting machine performance requirements mean the level of hydraulic fluid performance in terms of operating pressures, safety and reliability has increased. The potential for a hydraulic fluid leak, in close proximity to the molten metal, provides the need to use fire resistant hydraulic fluids in die casting plants.

Quaker Houghton offers both water glycol (HFC) and synthetic water free (HFDu) options to meet the increasing performance needs of the die casting industry.

Our Industry Solution

We partner with you to understand your die casting challenges and develop tailored solutions that will help your operations run more efficiently, more effectively and more sustainably in hydraulic fluids and across the complete die casting manufacturing process.

Quaker Houghton fire-resistant hydraulic fluids are a safe choice. They:

  • Keep equipment working at optimal performance with less downtime
  • Support longer life span for equipment
  • Improve environmental performance/reduce environmental impact
  • Increase safety and reduce risk for a lower total cost of ownership

Our products are just a part of the advantage we create, through a unique blend of application expertise and service. Companies working with Quaker Houghton not only benefit from the technical qualities of our products, but also our focus on value.

We work side by side with our customers at the die casting machine, providing on-site service and process recommendations to optimize productivity and quality at the lowest total costs.

We provide globally proven solutions that take advantage of our insight and experience, gathered from working with major customers in your industry and around the world.