With the high pressures and flow rates typical in a tunnel boring machine (TBM), a small leak from a line, a seal, or a hose could quickly discharge large amounts of fluid into the tunnel. If a spill occurs, problems can quickly escalate if the hydraulic fluid is not environmentally favorable.

If a fire-resistant hydraulic fluid with a favorable environmental profile and low toxicity is used it can help minimize the impact of leaks or spills, reduce safety hazards, and also simplify water treatment requirements.

Our Industry Solution

Quaker Houghton is recognized as a leader in the Tunnel Boring industry for fire resistant hydraulic fluids. Our fire resistant hydraulic fluid is performance proven in tunnel boring machines worldwide. The fluid is endorsed by the large Tunnel Bore Machine manufacturers and is designed to operate under very demanding conditions at high pressures and high temperatures.

Quaker Houghton QUINTOLUBRIC® HFDu fire-resistant hydraulic fluids offer a reduced environmental impact. In addition to a favorable environmental profile, QUINTOLUBRIC® hydraulic fluids are a safe choice, They:

  • Keep machines working at optimal performance with less downtime
  • Support longer life span for equipment
  • Increase safety and reduce risk for a lower total cost of ownership