The arduous operating conditions, dust, debris, and metal slag found in industries where heavy-duty mobile equipment is used can cause breaks or pinhole leaks in hydraulic hoses. Any mineral oil induced hydraulic fire can move quickly and burn so aggressively that it may not be possible to control it with a fire extinguisher.

Preventing or minimizing this type of loss is important in helping you maintain a profitable business. Unexpected (and unplanned) downtime, equipment damage, and uninsured costs associated with hazardous materials and clean up can erode profits. One way to help reduce these losses from occurring is to replace the equipment’s flammable hydraulic oils with fire resistant fluids.

Fire-resistant hydraulic fluids can be found in demanding mobile and off-road applications ranging from the slag industry to forest firefighting equipment to underground tunnel boring machines.

As the importance of environmental and operator safety, and the harshness of the off-road industry environments continue to increase, fire resistant hydraulic fluids continue to provide an important solution for manufacturers and end users.

Our Industry Solution

Quaker Houghton fire resistant hydraulic fluids are designed to replace anti-wear, mineral oil-based hydraulic fluids in applications where fire hazards exist. They can be used in environmentally sensitive hydraulic applications without compromising the overall hydraulic system operations and many are Factory Mutual Approved.

Quaker Houghton fire-resistant hydraulic fluids are a safe choice. They:

  • Keep machines working at optimal performance with less downtime
  • Support longer life span for equipment
  • Improve environmental performance/reduce environmental impact
  • Increase safety and reduce risk for a lower total cost of ownership