QH HYDROLUBRIC® 2A is a soluble oil concentrate for water hydraulic systems. It conditions the water, effectively lubricates packings, cylinders, valves and internal working surfaces and inhibits corrosion and biological growth.


QH HYDROLUBRIC® 2A has been specifically developed to meet the needs of the Aluminium Hot Rolling industry. It is compatible with aluminium hot rolling emulsions.


Appearance, Neat Dark amber liquid
5% Emulsion Opaque, milky white emulsion
pH, 5% Emulsion 9.2
Pounds per Gallon @60°C 7.66
Kg/liter @15°C 0.92

Key Benefits

  • Controls pitting, corrosion and gumming in systems
  • Lubricates packings, valves and working surfaces
  • Increases service life and reduces downtime
  • Does not stain brass or copper

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