Hydraulic equipment has widespread use in underground mining for applications such as pumping systems, boring and extraction machinery, and mining roof support systems.

Mineral oil is generally used in hydraulic equipment as a medium for power transmission. The hydraulic fluid is under extreme pressure and, in case of a hose failure, can spray onto a hot surface, such as the exhaust piping, and result in a fire.

Mining is a safety critical environment and so fire resistant hydraulic fluids are widely specified to minimise the fire safety risk.

Our Industry Solutions

Quaker Houghton fire-resistant hydraulic fluids are endorsed by many mining companies for their fire resistance and environmental performance properties.

We offer a comprehensive range of High Water Content (HFA) and Synthetic Water Free (HFDu) fire resistant fluids for use in mining operations which help you to minimise risk and maximise productivity.

And with the added help of on-site dedicated mining specialists, Quaker Houghton can partner with you at every step of the process.

Key Benefits of partnering with Quaker Houghton for your mining operations:

  • Lowest Operational Cost – Realize savings at every step: from transaction to application, process efficiency to waste elimination
  • Optimized Performance – Increase up-time, maximize productivity and extend equipment life
  • Reduced Environmental Impact – Lower resource use, optimize biodegradability, ensure health & safety compliance