High water content fire resistant industrial hydraulic fluids

HFA fluids are extremely fire resistant, but they require equipment that has been specifically designed to run with water. Therefore, they cannot be substituted for mineral oil in typical hydraulic equipment.

HFA fluids are widely used in in industrial applications such as steel and aluminium hot rolling mills where the equipment is designed with HFA fluids in mind. Quaker Houghton fully synthetic products offer improved lubrication, consistency, and resistance to biological growth.

Key Benefits

  • Superior Fire Resistant because of high water content
  • Excellent corrosion inhibition
  • Can be used in the whole range of water types up 42°dH ( 750 ppm CaCO3)
  • Inhibit bacteria and fungi growth


Quaker Houghton HFA fire resistant hydraulic fluids have been specifically developed to meet the needs of industrial applications such as:

With research and development centers around the world, Quaker Houghton can support customers globally, at the local level, on-site, and one-on-one, to formulate solutions so that our industrial customers can stand out and stay ahead in a changing world.

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