Best-in-class water glycol fire resistant hydraulic fluids

HFC or water glycol fluids are the most widely used fire resistant hydraulic fluids because of their price-quality and their combination of fire resistant properties with good lubrication performance.

The water free fire resistant hydraulic fluids supplied by Quaker Houghton™ are endorsed by the original hydraulic component and equipment manufacturers. The global comparable unique performance of our HFC Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids combines reliability and safety worldwide.

Our HFC products meet the requirements of various Fire Resistant industry standards and many are FM Global (Factory Mutual) approved.

Hydraulic Fluid Performance

  • HOUGHTO-SAFE® 620 series
    Global agreed performance, multiple OEM endorsement, best in class product

    Regional formulation (North America)

Key Benefits

  • Factory Mutual Approved fire resistant products
  • Very high ignition temperature and low heat release
  • Provides excellent shear stability
  • Excellent corrosion inhibition
  • Best in class lubrication properties


Hydraulic fluids with HFC technology have low flammability, and can be used in all industries where there is a major risk of fire (presence of a heat source at high temperature), for all high-pressure installations designed to operate with this type of aqueous product.

Our industry experience and commitment to developing tailored solutions for our customers has led to the development of products developed specifically for the harsh operating conditions found in offshore energy production.

HFC Hydraulic Fluids

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