QUINTOLUBRIC® 918 is a fully biocide free, fire resistant hydraulic fluid type HFA-S.

QUINTOLUBRIC® 918 is entirely synthetic and when mixed with water it forms a true solution.

QUINTOLUBRIC® 918 is easliy mixable with water and has an outstanding stabilty in water with hardness up to 42° dH. It has an excellent corrosion protection on multi metals commonly used in hydraulic systems.

QUINTOLUBRIC® 918 brings an outstanding bioresistance and a highly stable pH of the solution over time.


The QUINTOLUBRIC® brand is recognized globally as the name for high-quality, high performance,fire-resistant and environmentally compatible fluids. QUINTOLUBRIC® fire resistant hydraulic fluids are in use at mining sites around the world, meeting and exceeding every challenge presented. Solenoids have remained corrosion-free, filters have remained unplugged and worker’s safety has been improved.

We support customers at the local level: on-site, one-on-one, to formulate solutions for your specific operation. Our team of technical sales, laboratory development and manufacturing Associates bring unique value to the mining industry. Having locations across the globe is important to us, but where our global reach is a true benefit is in our unique advantage of having each location connected, working together to supply mining operations worldwide.


Test Result (Concentrate)
Appearance Clear yellow to amber liquid
Specific Gravity at 15°C 1.02 g/cm³ (ASTM D1298)
pH (neat) 9.7
Pourpoint -3 °C (ASTM D97)
Test Result (2% solution in V water)
Appearance Clear fluorescent liquid
Corrosion Protection Pass all metals DIN 51345
Emulsion Stability 1A-1R (stable) DIN 51346 (25 days @50°C)

Key Benefits

  • Fully biocide free
  • Outstanding bioresistance
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Low Water Hazard Class (WEC/WGK 1)

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