During Hot Forming, metals undergo a manufacturing process where the metal is formed in a press to a final shape in dies.

For Steel the workpiece will be heated to a minimum temperature of 9000C (1652°F).  For Aluminium the workpiece will be heated to a minimum temperature of 4500C (842°F).

Hot forming operations have all the elements of a fire hazard – hot surfaces, pressurized mineral oil in the hydraulic systems, and the proximity of the hot surfaces to the pressurized mineral oil. If the oil ignites, it can create a torch-like exploding fire, resulting in significant equipment damage and even the loss of life.

Fire resistant hydraulic fluids provide an alternative to mineral based oils in Hot forming operations that minimize fire risk without jeopardizing productivity.

Our Industry Solution

Quaker Houghton is recognized as a leader for fire resistant hydraulic fluids. Our QUINTOLUBRIC® brand of fire resistant hydraulic fluids are used in applications located in high temperature environments to reduce the risk of fire hazards.

Our highly experienced experts will work closely with your team to solve your hydraulic fluid related manufacturing challenges and keep your equipment operating reliably.

In an increasingly competitive, cost-conscious industry, we are the partner you can trust to prepare you for the future. With extensive knowledge of your unique operating environment and business goals, we provide on-site expertise that maximizes quality, performance and safety.

With Quaker Houghton products and our team of steel industry experts, you can:

  • Increase productivity, throughput and utilization
  • Ensure continuity of production and the safety of your operating environment
  • Reduce fluid usage and waste treatment
  • Lower maintenance and energy costs