Our fire-resistant hydraulic fluids are used in power plant applications to replace mineral oil and phosphate ester based fluids, reducing the risk of flammability in critical areas.

Fire resistant fluids offer better fire protection than mineral oils because of the higher auto ignition temperature. Our HFDu fluids are Factory Mutual approved and as such they significantly reduce the risk for fire and unplanned down time  to your operation. Compared to phosphate ester based fluids, Quaker Houghton hydraulic fluids are:

  • Not toxic
  • Worker friendly
  • Environmentally friendly

The QUINTOLUBRIC® 888 series is in used in many hundreds of power plants worldwide, replacing mineral oils and phosphate esters in applications such as:

  • Electrohydraulic control systems (EHC)
  • Diverter systems
  • Steam/Gas Turbines
  • Boiler Area – dampers and fans
  • Furnaces – waste to energy

Our Industry Solution

Quaker Houghton fire resistant hydraulic fluids are endorsed by most major hydraulic component manufacturers and power plant constructors worldwide.

Quaker Houghton fire-resistant hydraulic fluids are a safe choice. They:

  • Increase safety and reduce risk resulting in a lower total cost of ownership
  • Keep equipment working at optimal performance with less downtime
  • Support longer life span for equipment such as servo valves
  • Improve environmental performance/reduce environmental impact

Our products are just a part of the advantage we create, through a unique blend of application expertise and service. Companies working with Quaker Houghton not only benefit from the technical qualities of our products, but also our focus on value.

We provide globally proven solutions that take advantage of our insight and experience, gathered from working with major customers in your industry and around the world.