FLUIDSAFE OB-2 fluorescent dye additive aids in the quick and accurate detection of high-pressure fluid injection injuries on site. This helps pinpoint the exact location of hydraulic fluid under the skin, assisting in decreasing the amount of cases requiring surgery and also limiting the amount of soft tissue dissection required during surgery.

When viewed under highintensity blue light (450nm), the FLUIDSAFE OB-2 fluorescent green glow can be seen under the skin, enabling quick detection of an oil injection injury on site. The green fluorescent response will remain visible in the tissue for at least 24 hours after the injection with no ill effects to the human body.


Additionally, the fluorescent green glow of the FLUIDSAFE OB-2 additive can aid in the detection of fatigue in hydraulic hoses, fittings, seals and other components that have degenerated to the point where their safety and integrity have been compromised. When used in combination with the high-intensity blue light LED lamp (available as part of the inspection kit) or blue lens filter specially designed to fit over a variety of mining lamps, leaks that are hard to find under normal circumstances can be quickly and easily detected. FLUIDSAFE OB-2 is ideal for preventive maintenance programs through reduction in equipment downtime, and loss of hydraulic fluid.


FLUIDSAFE OB-2 is available in Australia only.


Appearance (neat) Dark amber liquid
Specific Gravity 0.98 (ASTM D4052)
Solubility in water Not soluble
Viscosity, Kinematic @40°C 17.7 cSt (ASTM D 445)

Key Benefits

  • Readily oil soluble
  • Additive glows a highly visible green color when viewed using a blue light source — on the skin surface, in soft tissue underneath human skin, and at leak sites on hoses, fittings, seals and other components
  • Helps prevent accidental fluid injections by pinpointing small leaks before they lead to catastrophic failures
  • Has no adverse effect on the physical properties of hydraulic fluid
  • Used by major OEMs

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